Software development is undoubtedly the most important thing for any firm. The customized software helps the firms and companies to organize and streamline the work. The importance of updated software is known to all well-established organizations, but the question which many executives have is if they should employee a permanent software developer or outsource the development and maintenance of the software through a company. There are many advantages of hiring a Software Development company which a permanent software developer at your firm might not be able to deliver.

Software Development Company Vs.  Software Developer

1. Cost

Hiring a software developer might seem to be cheaper than hiring a software Development company but with time all companies realize that hiring a company for the same is more cost effective. For example, if you see the stats, you will have to pay 10$ to 50$ to the developer at your firm per hour. The salary depends on the skill set and efficiency. On an average, you will be paying minimum 30$ to the developer you have hired. Whether you are a startup company or have been established for years, this amount is heavy. The companies doing the same job might charge you more for a particular project, but that is a one-time payment.

2. Project Delivery Time Period

The companies that develop software give you a specific time period in which they will finish the project. However, when it comes to an employee, the time period is not specific and it could vary.

3. Requirement

The 21st century is all about being smart. You need to know what is your requirement. So, if you analyze, a developer is not required at all the time. Most companies experience that they are paying the software engineer for just being present there. As soon as the software is developed you do not require the engineer for a couple of months. If you give the same project to a software developing company, you just have to pay for the project. As it is done, you can just pay for the work delivered and not be worried about any other payments. Even if there is a problem that you are facing with the software, you can contact the developing company. The maintenance is covered under the price you have paid.

Other Benefits Of A Hiring A Company Instead Of An Engineer

  1. You don’t have to create a separate workplace for the employee
  2. The updates can be delivered through emails itself
  3. You don’t have to pay for the maintenance
  4. You have the flexibility of choosing a different company for different project

Zasya Solutions Software Development

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