As said by my neighborhood dog spoofy “Although we’re always looked at as a meal in many countries, we’ve been created on this earth for a reason. Just for the sake of saying ‘It is a part of the food cycle’ you can’t run away from evil. My whole brotherhood is hungry & I am a little afraid now that will this human race be sensitive enough to feed us some food knowing that we’re their food eventually?”Are we thinking of animals too or totally engaged in saving our endangered human species?


The sufferers of this pandemic are not only humans but also the stray animals:

  1. They are considered as the carriers of the COVID-19 which is false. This leads to their abandonment.
  2.  Animals are starving for food and this leads to them becoming hostile therefore primordial hunting instincts of animals are not dormant again.
  3. The restaurants, tourist sites, temples, institutions, hotels are shut and the food coming from these places has also stopped.

What’s  missing:

  • Animal feed has not been listed as an essential service by the Centre’s guidelines issued after the 21-day lockdown order.
  • Should veterinary clinics stay open at this time?

What we can do:
(Volunteering will be a great help in this situation)
We here at Zasya solutions recommend that all we can do is that not much but only one bread(chapati) or a small portion of food can be provided to the animals nearby your house without violating lockdown rules. If you are coming out for your groceries, you can bring some chunks to them so that they can have something to eat.
If even a single family of a locality does that, at least some of them will be able to survive in this crucial time.Free-roaming dogs and cats have to be fed before 7 am when the “Janta curfew” to arrest the spread of COVID-19 will come into effect. The animals need to be fed again after 9 pm when the government-ordered exercise to encourage self-isolation will end. People should be more sensitive and think about them too. They cannot speak like us but they do feel like us. They also feel hunger and thirst the way we feel. They are living beings who need love & care as much as we need. Love them and care for them.