Advantages Of Ionic And AngularJS Over Native Apps

Nowadays AngularJS and Ionic are being preferred over the native apps. Angular developers can help in boosting the performance of your business. Read further to know about the AngularJS and Ionic framework.

What is The Role Of AngularJS And Ionic?

With AngularJS, Angular developers are able to make the application more powerful by integrating the user interface elements. The Ionic can be defined as an extension for the native app developing platforms. Some examples of these platforms are PhoneGap and Cordova. With it, a developer can find solutions for native app development and mobile web app. AngularJS also works on interacting with external data sources and backend web services.

The Major Advantages

1. Stay Mobile with Mobile

Switching of the operating systems on the phones is quite common nowadays. People are migrating from an Apple smartphone to Android, Android to IOS, Windows, and various other native platforms. Since the users are frequently changing the operating systems and it cannot be predicted, it is better to develop hybrid applications which support almost all the devices and operating systems. For enterprise applications, it is very important that the apps can work on various mobile platforms. In the current scenario, you will see that many companies have a BYOD policy. If this is not the case then the companies will start using a different platform and also use a different operating system. Due to these changes, it will be better to use hybrid applications. This will help you manage the cost of the application development.

2. Data-Binding All the Way

With the Ionic and AngularJS platforms, you can get the leverage for application scaling. With the streamlined codes and structured operations with the components which are ready to use, you will be able to support quick updates and integrate easily. In the UI update, it will help in data-binding. This will be done with the simultaneous backend data and model update. Due to this, the user will be able to maintain the data across many devices and this also keeps the experience uniform in the changing phase. Because of this feature, the Angular developers are able to save a lot of time and resources.

The Key Benefits Of Adopting The Ionic Framework For The Development Of Hybrid Mobile Apps

Since the Ionic is an open and free source it is helpful in building the powerful SDK. It is perfect for apps that are highly interactive and perform really well. Ionic provides a variety of services, tools, and resources that are important for the easy development of hybrid apps. These are the key advantages of Ionic:


  1. Once developed, can be used on many platforms
  2. Smooth Scrolling
  3. Multi-browser compatibility and resolution
  4. Can be used for native apps also
  5. Highly customizable

Angular Development With Zasya Solutions

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