Culture is the evolution of human intellect gathered or accumulated through norms in which society is being built which lead to the technological enhancement thereby a culture favoring in IT industry growth.The orientation of an individual is a dominant aspect of their own conscience which is responsible for moral values which has a high impact on the conscience. Brain dimensions also tend to change as per the perception of their living and thinking.

IT culture scenario:

An IT culture is developed through technological advancements by debugging codes or improvising codes or making inbuilt libraries for frameworks where kind of drag n drop functionality will be utilized thereby making other developers to code easily hence the speed enhancement with less complexity.

Problems an organization face in general:

  • Work culture: There happens to be a competitive behavior amongst employees of the organization which starts from top position to bottom. An employee expects the environment of the workplace to be healthy and work-oriented like a team rather than competitive.
  • Work Load: The inefficiency of decision-makers to provide the specific training to the employees increases the workload as the employees struggle to finish the tasks.
  • Technological advancement issue where the company has not upgraded as per the demand of the market.

How better these scenarios can be seen then? A little change in each step can lead to the desired output:

  • Training: There should be efficient training for the employees as well as the filtered processes so that the skill gap keeps on reducing eventually lowering the unwanted workload.
  • Informal Appreciation Ceremony: It works miraculously as personnel gets to know that their work is being noticed and this keeps them motivated for better performance.
  • Activities: Fun games have a worthwhile impact as it helps people to feel refreshed. A good talk is far more important in today’s work culture.
  • Bonus for good work: This is a direct way to appreciate the employee for their good performance.
  • The Market Knowledge: Evidently this factor derives the need & demand.

Apart from this government and society also comes into play with its perks and ill effects but again businesses require the prediction of the coming 10 years technological & market change which can be utilized thereafter.So the overall idea of this culture is to enhance human perception and creativity which can provide better opportunities for posterity. So this evolution of culture has led to technological advancement.If a culture has been brought where people learn to know more from their ignorances than knowledge, then a reader of this blog feels stability in everything even in this blog too.